About Us

Items we collect:

  • baby monitors
  • back and front carriers
  • bassinets
  • bath towels
  • blankets/bedding
  • bottle warmers
  • bouncy chairs (in good condition)
  • cribs (we no longer accept drop-side cribs)
    crib donation form
  • crib bedding (no bumpers please)
  • diapers
  • diaper bags
  • exersaucers
  • high chairs
  • outerwear
  • mobiles
  • nursing pillows
  • pack n’ plays
  • strollers (no mold or missing parts please)
  • swings
  • toys
  • tubs

We cannot accept car seats, maternity wear or used breast pumps.

At this time, we are not accepting clothing (except winter outerwear and sleepers up to 12months), bibs, portable potties, table-mounted chairs, and bottles.

Our History

meet-board-membersBabyGoRound is an idea born out of the need to give back to those who may need it the most – new mothers with newborn babies and children aged 0-4 years.

The arrival of a new baby for most woman is a joyous time filled with celebration, anticipation, baby showers and wonderful gifts of new clothing, baby gear, and the required essentials needed to care for a newborn and young child.

However, for many women this is not the case, and the arrival of their newborn is fraught with worry about not being able to provide their baby with what is needed for their early development.

BabyGoRound is dedicated to providing Lower Mainland families in need with essential equipment, clothing, and products for their infants and young children. These items are delivered through a network of qualified social service partners in the community.

The goal of BabyGoRound is to help mothers access the essentials they need to ensure the well-being of their babies and young children. By providing concrete resources to their families through a network of social service professionals. The stress of having a new baby can be alleviated for those mothers who are struggling financially.

As families fall below the poverty line, these services become even more critical. The items they require are all around us – perhaps they are in your child’s room, still unused or in storage, or perhaps you are about to throw them away – please don’t .

Instead, we want to create a home for these items and to pass them on to people who require these gently used or new items for their children.

As a mother of three, I was looking for a place to donate my gently used items so another mother and child could enjoy the same experience I did when I had my children. Unfortunately there was no such place, and it was then the idea for BabyGoRound was born. It was my pleasure to create a place where I, and a host of others, could pass on items that could really benefit families in our community.

I would like to extend a huge thank you to all the Founding Members of BabyGoRound - Sophie Burke, Margot Jagger, Wendy King, Fatima Charnia, and Sally Dreaver - for believing in a vision and making it happen.

Jennifer Randall Nelson, Founder & Former Director

  • 2015 Highlights

    BabyGoRound supplies families in need with essential baby gear and clothing for their children up to age 4. By distributing…


BabyGoRound works with over 70 social service agencies in the Lower Mainland. The agencies assess the need and refer families to BabyGoRound for an appointment.


BabyGoRound supplies families in need with essential baby items including cribs, strollers, high chairs, clothing, toys, books, and other gear for children up to age 4. We assist close to 800 families per year.

Our Amazing Volunteers

BabyGoRound relies heavily on volunteers to operate the facility and provide our service to the families visiting our facility. Every family that visits BabyGoRound has an appointment. During their appointment they work one-on-one with a volunteer to select the items they are in need of. Our volunteers are the face of BabyGoRound and they provide amazing service, support and guidance to our families.

Volunteer with Baby Go Round

Our Volunteer Board

  • Theresa Pearson

    Theresa Pearson has over 25 years experience working and volunteering…

  • Jennifer Wilson

    Jennifer Wilson is the Director of Marketing and Communications at…

  • Leah Garrard-Cole

    Leah Garrard-Cole is the co-founder of the highly successful organic…

  • Sam Drier

    Ibtisam (Sam) Drier is an independent corporate finance advisor to…