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BabyGoRound, Helping Families Society, Chartiable Registration Number is:
CRA: 82151 6507 RROO1

Thank you kindly for considering a contribution to BabyGoRound.

On average, BabyGoRound spends $95 to assist a family in receiving essential items for their baby/toddler. Essential items include a crib, stroller, highchairs, bouncy chair, swing, or playmat, and/or a baby carrier. Families also receive clothing, toys and books for their children.

Your donation will help a family get the essentials to care for their baby in a safe and enriching way. All donations over $20 are eligible for a tax receipt.

To support the mothers of BabyGoRound, please select the button below and choose one of our pre-determined amounts or enter the donation of your choice in the "Contribution Amount" field.





You can also make a purchase on behalf of a family here:



Thank you kindly for your contribution to our organization.

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You can donate items at our facility or at over 10 different Community Champions locations in the Lower Mainland.
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