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BabyGoRound assists close to 900 families a year. Families are referred to BabyGoRound through one of 72 affiliated social service agencies throughout the Lower Mainland. Some of our referring agencies include YWCA, Surrey Memorial, Union Gospel Mission, St. Paul’s social services society, Elizabeth Fry, Aunt Leah’s and Vancouver Coastal Health.

Families visit BabyGoRound to receive, free of charge, essential items to care for their babies and toddlers. We ensure that families have essential items such as cribs, strollers, diapers, blankets, clothes and developmental toys. It would cost a family $2,600 to purchase a crib, stroller, clothes, blankets, and other essential items needed to bring home a baby. However, we are able to offer the same amount of items to a family for approximately $95. Due to amazing community support, we receive most of our items through donation. Our costs include rent for a facility that families can visit, one support staff and other office costs - heat, internet, computer needs, etc.

In order for us to help 900 families this year, we need to raise $85,500.

If you can assist us by supporting one family, 2 families or 10 families, please click on the link below to make a one time donation, or to become a monthly donor. Your $20 donation a month allows us assist a little more than 2 families a year.

Thank you for making a family happy this holiday season.

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