Welcome To Milk & Cookie Day for BabyGoRound

Milk and Cookie Day is the first-ever, coordinated BC event to support BabyGoRound, Helping Families Society.

This inaugural fundraising effort is scheduled for June 1, 2017. With the funds raised we hope to support more families acquire essential items for their babies and infants.

We will invite people to register for Milk and Cookie Day and host their own Milk and Cookie Party where they bake cookies for co-workers, friends and family. Their guests donate to BabyGoRound in exchange for a cookie, and raise much-needed funds for the 1,000 families that visit BabyGoRound every year for essential baby gear and clothing to safely care for their infants.  Milk and Cookie Day parties can be held at the workplace, home, schools* or local community centre anywhere where you think people will enjoy a treat!

Milk and Cookie Day is June 1, 2017, although people can hold your Milk and Cookie Day Party on whatever day works best for them in June.

Help mothers and children in our community with cookies and “bake” a difference for families!

How Cookies Can Change lives:

About Us

Imagine bringing your newborn baby home from the hospital and not having a crib for her to sleep in, not having a stroller or car seat to keep him safe when you’re outside your home, or facing the decision to buy either food for yourself or essentials for your baby. As horrifying as this may sound, there are families in our community who struggle to provide the most basic essentials for their babies.

That’s where BabyGoRound comes in.

BabyGoRound, a registered non-profit society, provides families in need with necessary equipment, clothing and products to ensure the well-being of their infants and young children. By providing these very concrete resources, BabyGoRound helps relieve the financial stress of having a new baby and is a vital partner in a network of support for BC’s most vulnerable families.

A simple act of giving has far-reaching implications

The far-reaching impact of a simple act of giving is the essence of BabyGoRound. Born from the realization that too many new parents struggle daily to provide the most fundamental necessities for their baby or young child, BabyGoRound dedicates itself to providing gently used essential equipment, clothing, and products to families.

Items, including cribs, play mats, strollers, high chairs, nursing pillows and diaper bags among the most needed, are collected and available at the BabyGoRound storefront at 2939 Kingsway Avenue in Vancouver. The donated items are collected from baby equipment drives in the community, giving mothers a much-needed avenue to donate gear and supplies. Parents are referred to BabyGoRound through a network of community service providers and have an appointment where they can “shop” for free at the BabyGoRound store, bringing home an average of 6 much-needed items for their infant’s care.

Providing these resources to families most definitely can alleviate some of the many stresses of having a new child. But, more than that, these resources, equipment and products can give young parents a chance to establish healthy connections in the community and give these children a brand new start in life.

Our Impact

BabyGoRound opened its doors and started serving clients in October 2012. Since that time, this new non-profit society has made tremendous impact on infants and children in need, serving families from Richmond, Surrey, Vancouver, Coquitlam, Abbotsford, Burnaby, and New Westminster.

Families come to BabyGoRound and are awed by the cozy, shop-like atmosphere of the Kingsway Avenue location. Staffed by 5 to 9 volunteers during the store’s operating hours, recipient mothers call to book an appointment before they shop.

BabyGoRound receives over 70 referrals a month, and currently has a 2-4-week waiting period. On average BabyGoRound helps 63 families a month, with each family taking between 6-8 pieces of equipment including cribs, strollers, baby baths, baby monitors, nursing pillows, diaper bags and clothes. In addition to helping families in need, BabyGoRound serves a vital role in our community, allowing families to donate their quality, gently-used baby gear; having a tremendous impact on the re-use of quality items.

Baby gear for every baby – today and tomorrow

BabyGoRound is dedicated to collecting and distributing baby products and equipment to ensure that all parents and families in Greater Vancouver have the means to provide essential clothing and gear for their infants and young children.

In the short-time BabyGoRound has been open, it has been a tremendous success. Demand for our services grows with our reputation. The need is very present.