Baby Registry Launched

BabyGoRound launched its own baby registry through Amazon this past week. If you are interested in supporting our families through new gear donations, it is now easy to shop and ship directly to BabyGoRound at and

BabyGoRound often has new mothers that support the organization by donating their shower gifts which inspired BabyGoRound to facilitate that process through the registry.  Items purchased will be shipped directly to us (free shipping for Amazon prime members) and given to families in need across the Lower Mainland.  Supporting families couldn't be any easier," said Board of Directors Vice-Chair Niki Cumming. "We wanted to be able to give donors a new way to help families. Shopping on Amazon is something so many of us do in our daily lives and we feel it is a great way to get essential baby items into the facility so we can help out those in our community who are welcoming a new baby.  Our clients struggle to find the essentials for a new baby as they typically face multiple challenges to meet their own needs or the needs of their older children.  Amazon's baby registry helps us help them."  Specific inquiries regarding the registry may be directed to

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