Alison Gardner

November 26, 2018 •

Alison Gardner has served on the board of BabyGoRound since April 2015. She was called to the Ontario bar in 1998 and, during the years when she was not home raising children, has practiced in the areas of corporate and securities law both in-house and in private practice. Alison also served on the board of directors of Vancouver-based investment firm Sherpa Asset Management for more than 10 years. She received a law degree from the University of British Columbia and holds an honours degree in economics from the University of Western Ontario.

While living abroad in Asia and Europe and through her travels, Alison has become aware of the need to improve the lives of children globally and locally and she believes all new mothers should be supported to ensure they can provide a safe and happy environment for themselves and their babies.

Alison was raised in Ottawa, Ontario and now lives in West Vancouver with her husband and three sons.

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